Releaseparty at Nåck Studios for Uma E Fernqvist EP “Reverse”…

Uma E Fernqvist and Douglas Melin performing the track “STAY” from the EP “REVERSE” at Nåck Studios.

“REVERSE” was released may 11
Text and vocals by Ulriqa Fernqvist
Music by Ulriqa Fernqvist and by Peter Svenzon
Produced and mixed by Peter Svenzon at Nåck Studios Music (SE)
Mastered by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios(UK)
Photos by Thomas Zamolo (FR/SE)
Artwork Carl Ålenius (SE)/ Brand Union Stockholm
Behind Uma E is Ulriqa Fernqvist, an artist from Sweden whose strongest expression always has been dance and singing (movement and Volcal Arts). Ulriqa has been working with performing arts for over 20 years, in everything from experimental improvisational concerts to musical installations, and dance performances. Uma E is influenced by the 90’s down tempo, trip hop, cinematic moods and electro technical soundscapes. Other influences come from her work in visual art and the performing arts which drives the vision for Uma E´s performances. Together with her producer Peter Svenzon, she runs the performing arts company Art of Spectra that has been invited to numerous festivals, theaters and art centers around Europe. The company has also produced a large number of projects, and is engaged in different partnerships in theater, dance, and opera, with concert halls, museums and art galleries.
Producer Peter Svenzon has a background in hip hop, but since 1999 his work has mainly focused on the installation and performing arts context, joining different artistic worlds together, creating images and atmospheres. A moment’s experience has been his greatest interest, something that has followed into the work of Uma E, where textures, moods, and the search for different worlds collide. A sense of multi disciplinary art has shaped Uma E’s sound.